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European beer expert Horst Dornbusch (far left), Weyermann Specialty Malts' Brew Master Dominik Maldoner, BSG Technical Sales Manager Deborah Wood, and Schilling's Head Brewer/Co-Founder John Lenzini (far right) at Weyermann facility in Bamberg, Germany.

European beer expert Horst Dornbusch (far left), Weyermann Specialty Malts’ Brew Master Dominik Maldoner, BSG Technical Sales Manager Deborah Wood, and Schilling’s Head Brewer/Co-Founder John Lenzini (far right) at Weyermann’s facility in Bamberg, Germany (September 2016).

Good morning!

Eighteen months following the creation of our current website, we bring you…the first blog entry! This inexcusable delay is largely due to the fact that we, Schilling’s ownership, have erroneously thought that we would/could regularly post on the blog.  Hah! Our apologies for the empty website space.  We will remedy this in the very near future though through the good work of our media assistant, Ashlea, who will show us how it’s done.

Nevertheless, we would like to bring you up-to-speed with some recent brewery headlines:

  • That empty lot/pile of rocks to the immediate east of our brewpub? That’s the future home of our brewery expansion (completion target: early 2018).  You can read the press release here. Don’t worry, the character and function of our current brewpub won’t change; it will only get more exciting, as we’ll continue to brew on our pilot system in the current 18th-century mill building.  This will ultimatley mean the debut of many completely unique beers at the brewpub, coupled with core Schilling offerings, wild ales and delicacies from our expanded wood-aging/mixed fermentation area next door.
  • Head Brewer/Co-Founder John Lenzini recently returned from Weyermann Specialty Malts in Bamberg, Germany, where he was invited to join Weyermann’s Brew Master Dominik Maldoner, European beer expert Horst Dornbusch and Brewers Supply Group Technical Sales Manager Deborah Wood to brew several Old World lagers using brand new Weyermann malting advances.  You can read more here.
  • Evan, our Assistant Brewer, recently brewed a Sahti, a primitive farmhouse ale with roots in Finland.  This will arrive soon in very limited quantities.  Think: gin and juniper.
  • As many of you will have noticed, peak times at the brewpub often means extended waiting periods for pizzas.  We are working diligently to correct this issue, which very simply is the result of overwhelming our undersized wood-fired oven.  Our solution? We’re getting a brand new wood-fired oven in time for the holidays, which will provide twice the baking capacity.  Besides doubling our pizza powers, this larger oven will also eliminate the necessity of the dreaded “fire flip:” the agonizing 45-minute period (typically between 3-3:45PM) when we can’t make pizzas because we have to re-warm the oven deck.  Ridiculous, we realize, but soon to be a thing of the past.  We appreciate everyone’s patience, and hope that you’re as excited as our kitchen manager Caleb is about the new oven!

Thanks for reading, and most of all, thanks for your unbelievable support!  Stay tuned for more frequent (and qualitatively better) updates from Ashlea.



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