Do you distribute Schilling Beer Co. and Resilience beers?

We distribute our beer in limited quantities to carefully selected craft beer retailers in Vermont through Vermont Beer Shepherd; New York City (and Upstate) via Sarene Craft Beer Distributors; New Hampshire and Maine through Vacationland Distributors; in Massachusetts and Rhode Island via Craft Collective; in Michigan via M-4 CIC; and in Virginia and Washington, DC, via Allied Craft Distribution.  Please contact these distributors directly if you are interested in sourcing our products beyond Littleton, NH.

Do you host events and can I rent function space at Schilling Beer Co.?

Our beer hall on the second floor of our 18th-century brewpub is an ideal venue to accommodate groups of up to 60 people.  Decorated in a rustic-modern style with its own private beer bar and wide-plank farm tables, this space can be reserved for a fee and fully catered by our staff.

Our modern Store & Tasting Room is also capable of hosting private events for up to 40 people (more outside during select seasons, weather-permitting). The look is (modern) Scandinavian farmhouse style, featuring a wood-burning fireplace and a deck overlooking the river suitable for up to 80 people.  We are also able to offer limited outdoor event space in our beer garden.

Availability of these spaces varies with the season and pre-existing event reservations.

For more information about our private function spaces, please contact our events team at [email protected]

How big is your current brewing system?

We brew primarily on a custom-built Newlands five-vessel, 20-bbl system.

Do you offer brewery tours?

We do not, owing to space limitations and concerns for your safety.  However, you’re always welcome to stop in and look through the viewing windows at our Store & Tasting Room at our brewery operations.

Do you have merchandise and glassware for sale?

Yes, as part of our new production facility we opened a Store & Tasting Room at 26 Mill St, right next to our brewpub.  Perched above the Ammonoosuc River, our store offers a wood-burning fireplace, ample deck space overlooking the river for enjoying beers, an array of branded glassware and clothing, along with packaged Schilling Beer Co. and Resilience beers.

Are you linked to any other Schillings?

Not at all. Schilling Beer Co. is an entirely independent brewery that is owned by The Cozzens Family, John Lenzini, and Jim Smolak.  The owners are family or very close family friends.  There is no relationship to any former athlete, brewer, beer or cider company by the same name.

What does Schilling Beer Co.’s circular emblem stand for?

Our logo, comprising three united grain heads, stands for family, community, and excellence.  It is a registered trademark of Schilling Beer Co. and was designed by Monica Cozzens and Julia Brabec.

I would like to work at Schilling. How do I contact you?

Please send a brief introductory email and resume to [email protected].

Do you sell bottles, or beer to-go?

Yes! Please see our Store & Tasting Room page for updates on cans and bottles available from our retail outlet!  Can and bottle availability tends to rotate, but brands like Alexandr 10, Combover, and Erastus are usually in cans at our Store, along with other beers that are not (or seldom) distributed.

In terms of other beer to-go (i.e. besides cans and bottles), yes, we offer 64 oz. growlers and 32 oz. ‘grunts’ from our Store & Tasting Room.  Please remember that these beers are poured from the tap wall and should be kept cool and enjoyed promptly.

Can I bring pets into Schilling Beer Co.’s outside seating areas?

Guests with service animals are always welcome! Please identify yourself as someone with a service animal requirement to our staff upon arrival and we will make every effort to ensure access and comfort.  However, please note that the State of New Hampshire follows a version of FDA law that prohibits personal pets in all areas licensed for food service, including outdoor areas. Thank you for your understanding, as this is a state law, not a Schilling Beer Co. policy. Please contact NH Health & Human Services if you require clarification of this law.

Can I bring outside alcohol or food into Schilling Beer Co.?

No outside food or drink is allowed inside our licensed premises.  This violates NH State liquor laws and jeopardizes our food and alcohol service licenses.

Do you sell kegs to private parties?

Our cans, bottles, and growlers are ideal for off-premise consumption and are available at the brewpub and Store.  While we would love to sell kegs to the general public, our production limitations make this impossible.

Aren’t Schilling Beer Co. and Resilience beers the same thing?

Schilling Beer Co. brews progressive European-inspired beers.  Resilience is our American ale project focused mainly on hoppy ales (Pale Ales, IPAs and Double IPAs).  Both brands are brewed by the same crew at the same brewery.

We are looking for a charitable donation. Could Schilling Beer Co. donate to our cause?

We are active in our community and participate in select projects that make a difference in the lives of people–especially those living in the North Country of New Hampshire and Vermont.  We carefully consider such requests, but cannot honor each and every one.  Please send your request to [email protected]

What size are your beer glasses?

Our glassware varies in size and style depending on the type and alcohol content of each beer.  We do this to enhance your drinking experience. For instance, most of our Belgian-style beers are served in 16 0z. goblets, although those over 8% alcohol by volume are poured to approximately the 12 oz. demarcation.  Our lagers are served in 16 oz. glasses, and our various hefeweizens are served in traditional 20 oz. wheat beer glasses.  Yes, foaming is apparent on most of our beers, and is very much part of the sensory enjoyment of drinking well-crafted beers.

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