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We periodically release Schilling Beer Co. and Resilience beers in 16 oz. can and 750ml bottle formats.  These beers can be purchased from our Store & Tasting Room at 26 Mill St, which is next door to our brewpub.  Many of these beers are exclusively available from our brewery and purchase limits will apply.

Cans available:

  • Alexandr (Czech-style Pilsner), 5% abv.  A sessionable pale lager inspired by similar Czech beers. Premium authentic raw materials shine, including Moravian pilsner malt—foundational to the substantial but rounded hop flavor and aroma.
  • Landbier (Rustic Lager), 4.2% abv.  Agrarian-style lager of Franconian origin brewed with spelt—and for the first time in North America, by Schilling’s brewers—with nearly extinct strain of lager yeast just revived from the cellars of Weihenstephan in Munich. Notes of strawberry, and hay abound with a hazelnut-like dry finish.
  • Nordertor (Northern German-style Pilsner), 5% abv. Floral and citrusy, this highly aromatic, crystalline pilsner is hopped with all German Saaz & Magnum hops, for a piquantly bitter flavor profile.
  • Herkules (Kölsch), 5% abv. Herkules is crafted from Cologne-malted barley, German noble hops, and a traditional Cologne ale yeast. Refreshing and malty with background notes reminiscent of white wine, it finishes dry and lager-like. Named after the enormous crane that looms over the Cologne harbor.
  • Schälen (Unfiltered Hoppy Lager), 5.2% abv. Notes of lemon sorbet, citrus blossoms and a gentle undertone of pine meld with a touch of bitterness as you peel back the layers of this unfiltered small-batch delicacy. A early-summer treat.
  • Landbier Dunkel (Rustic Dark Lager), 4.7% abv. A dark lager of Franconian origin utilizing local malts and a Bavarian yeast strain first piloted in N. America by Schilling. Characterized by chocolate notes and walnut-like richness. The finish is medium-bodied and velvety, with balanced bittering.
  • Oak Aged Winterhammer (Barrel-Aged Heller Bock Lager), 6.9% abv. This
    small-batch Bock-style pale lager was finished and conditioned in lightly charred new American oak barrels. It exudes sophisticated malt complexity owing to the addition of Munich malts and via the decoction process. The beer pours a beautiful deep burnt orange with a white head; the aroma is reminiscent of fresh baked bread with a note of mild orange marmalade. Hints of oak and very light char are apparent; its bold malt-forward taste combines with toasted marshmallow, oak tannins, very mild vanilla and a delicate spice character. The finish is dry, allowing for pleasant, lingering complex notes of oak on the
  • Brücius (Doppelbock), 6.9% abv.Named for an esteemed and one-of-a-kind veterinarian from Michigan, this rich and toasty dark lager has aromas of sweet bread and caramel with flavors of light coffee and marshmallow. The finish is full-bodied and malty.
  • Kamarade (Baltic Porter), 9% abv.  Inspired by the brewing traditions of Russia and Scandinavia. Brewed with chocolate rye, featuring a lingering, malty finish.
  • (Resilience) Double Dry-Hopped Combover (India Pale Ale), 7% abv. This intensely flavorful IPA features a massive dose of Galaxy and HBC-586, and a touch of Vic Secret. Fresh oranges, ripened mango, grapefruit rind, and a hint of pine and raw hop dominate the aromas. Tropical fruit, apricots and abundant fresh orange and grapefruit dominate the flavor spectrum.

Bottles Available:

Fabulant (Weizenbock), 6.5% abv. Translated from the German as “a teller of tall tales,” Fabulant is a smooth, complex and deceptively drinkable Bavarian-style “heller weizenbock,” defined by rich flavors and aromas of banana bread, clove and caramel. Deep golden in color and punctuated by rich esters and phenols, it is malty, sweet and bottle-conditioned.

Please note: this is a dynamic list subject to change.  We will make every attempt to update this list regularly, but please call (603) 575-5146 if you’re looking for a particular beer.

Updated last: March 29th

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