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Schilling Beer Co.-Triple Crossing: Severní – Polotmavý Ležák

Czech-Style Amber Lager

Brewed with Triple Crossing (Richmond, VA), this “half-dark” Czech-style lager features Moravian Floor Malted Pilsner malt from the Haná region of the Czech Republic. It’s hopped with aromatic Czech Saaz and Bohemie hops, decocted for a vibrant, complex malt character, and fermented with a traditional Czech yeast. A clear, pale, copper-colored lager that pours with a dense white foam, Severní displays balanced aromas of toasted bread, floral hops, and light yeast expression. Toasted malts, clover honey, and delicate caramel notes kiss the palate without excessive sweetness. The finish is surprisingly dry and refreshing. Served on draught via Czech-made Lukr faucets and available in 4-packs to-go.