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Current Beers

While we do our best to keep this list absolutely current, it isn’t always possible (especially during summer and holiday periods, when our beers change almost daily). We appreciate your understanding.  Please give us a call if there’s a specific beer that you are looking for. Updated last: April 19.  Cheers!

Alexandr 10˚ (Czech Pale Lager), 5.5% abv.  Alexandr 10˚ is a sessionable pale lager inspired by similar beers enjoyed in the Czech Republic. Like all of our beers, it features premium authentic raw materials, including Moravian pilsner malt—foundational to the substantial but rounded hop flavor and aroma.

Foy (Belgo Pale Ale), 7% abv. Named after the Belgian village near Bastogne, this beer pays tribute to the courage and determination of those who fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Foy is a cloudy golden color, with flavors and aroma balanced by late hop additions and spicy phenols created by our prominent yeast strain. Notes of citrus and grass with a dry finish.

Poppy’s Moonship (Leipziger-style Gose), 4.7% abv. Poppy’s Moonship is our interpretation of Leipzig, Germany-inspired Gose. Funky in the nose and lemony-tart, Poppy’s features an assertive sourness balanced by sea salt and a malty finish.

Schlaumeier (Bavarian-style Hefeweizen), 4.8% abv. Schlaumeier (“smart aleck”) is a flavorful straw-colored Bavarian-syle specialty ale. Yeast flavors take the lead: restrained fruity esters and banana and clove-like phenols define this beer. Noble hops and German-malted wheat and barley provide the foundation of this very traditional offering.

Gulden Vlies (Belgian Golden Strong Ale), 8.3% abv. Smooth, effervescent, with a yeast character reminiscent of peaches and citrus. Low phenolic spice, with moderate hop character.

Otto (Bamberg-style Smoked Märzen), 5.6% abv. Otto is a nod to the famous, highly traditional smoked beers of Bamberg, Germany. A dark brown lager with ruby highlights, Otto’s carbonation and mouthfeel are moderate. Aromas of soft beechwood smoke and caramelized malts carry through in the flavors. The finish is clean.

Kamarade (Baltic Porter, Nitro-Poured), 7.4% abv. Inspired by the brewing traditions of Scandinavia and Russia, where porters have a higher ABV than their English counterparts. Ours has a dose of chocolate rye and restrained hopping to produce a malt-centric, lingering finish.

Hanse (Northern German Pilsner), 5% abv. Straw-gold in color, crisp and clean-finishing with assertive hop bitterness. Noble hops are present on the palate.

Erastus (Abbey-style Tripel), 8.2% abv. A dry, spicy, and complex Belgian-style ale inspired by Trappists. Deep yellow and slightly cloudy in appearance.  Aroma and flavor marked by the marriage of peppery spice, citrus, and pear.  Noble hops are used to create balance.

Racogne (Belgo Pale Ale), 5.5% abv. Hazy orange in appearance with a medium mouthfeel, Racogne (“Ra-con-ia”) showcases Mosaic hops and a Belgian yeast of medium flavor intensity to produce mellow tropical fruit aromas and ‘juicy’ hop flavors.

Mango Benoit (Sour Ale), 6.6% abv.  Benoit is a new kettle-soured ale series.  This version is rest on organic mangoes.  This dry, golden sour features aromas of citrus and mango, and complex flavors to match.  It features a malty, cereal-like finish.

Mare Nectaris (Sour Ale), 5.5% abv. Named after a lunar sea, this kettle-soured brown ale is a very tart and rich beer, complex in both malt presentation and sourness. Fruit and brandy-like aromas are apparent up front; flavors of raspberry and grain play out along the finish.

Guest Beer: Resilience Brewing, Sir Richard (American Coffee Porter), 5.7% abv. Sir Richard is an American Coffee Porter named after a highly-caffeinated Northern Michigan hooligan near and dear to us. Coffee flavors dominate (from cold-brewed organic Equal Exchange coffee, added post-fermentation), with subdued chocolate notes in the background.

Guest Beer: Resilience Brewing, Resilience West Coast Amber (American Amber Ale), 5.1% abv. An amber ale with red highlights, this beer features aromas of citrus, pine and biscuit. Amarillo, Citra and Simcoe hops partner with a complex malt bill to create a well-balanced, medium-bodied and highly sessional amber ale.



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