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Store & Tasting Room (26 Mill St)

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Beers on Tap

This tab lists the beers currently on-tap at our 18 Mill St brewpub.  We do our best to keep it updated.  Please give us a call if there’s a specific beer that you are looking for.  All beers are available to-go in 64 oz. growlers unless otherwise noted.

Looking for a list of cans and bottles available from our Store & Tasting Room? Please go here.


Alexandr 10˚ (Czech-style Pilsner), 5.0% abv.  A sessionable pale lager inspired by similar Czech beers. Premium authentic raw materials shine, including Moravian pilsner malt—foundational to the substantial but rounded hop flavor and aroma. Poured on a Czech side pull faucet.

Hanse (Keller Pils), 5% abv. Hanse is an unfiltered (“Keller”) Pilsner. Straw-gold in color, crisp and clean-finishing with assertive hop bitterness. Noble hops are present on the palate. 2018 RateBeer Gold Medal pale lager.

The Grafton Metro (American Lager), 4.3% abv. The classic American lager. Golden, crisp, and refreshingly dry on the finish, this is all-day artisan beer for summer. Crafted with local specialty malts.

San Jacinto (Mexican-style Dark Vienna Lager), 4.8% abv.  Bready, malty and clean. Notes of maize and biscuits. Refreshingly dry on the finish and poured on a Czech side pull faucet.

Schilling Beer Co. – Drake’s Brewing Company Collaboration: Lagerbird (Golden Lager, ), 5.2% abv. Brewed in collaboration with Drake’s (CA), this lager is creamy-textured and liberally hopped with with New Zealand Wakatu & Motueka hops. Aroma of zesty citrus and flavors of key lime and bread crust dominate.

Eulenspiegel (Bavarian-style Bernsteinfarbenes [Amber] Hefeweizen), 5.6% abv. A complex & rich variation on traditional Hefeweizen, this rare style is a highly flavorful, amber-colored, and medium-bodied specialty wheat ale. Highly effervescent and laden with ester-y notes of banana, vanilla, and caramel, this batch is named for Till Eulenspiegel, a prankster in German folklore.

Poppy’s Moonship with Guava and Passionfruit  (Leipziger-style Gose), 4.8% abv.  Tart yet accessible, Poppy’s features a mild sourness naturally derived from our house culture balanced by a dash of sea salt and a tropical character from the passionfruit and guava.

Erastus (Abbey-style Tripel), 9% abv. A dry, spicy, and complex Belgian-style ale inspired by Trappists.  Aroma and flavor marked by the marriage of peppery spice, citrus, and pear.  Noble hops assertively utilized to create balance.

Thaddeus (Belgian-style Dark Strong), 9.0% abv. A unique and very dark (33+ SRM) Belgian-style specialty ale featuring notes of rum, spice, dark fruit. Alcohol-warming is present. Let it warm in your hands to taste its full complexity.

From Resilience Brewing, Schilling Beer Co.’s American Ale Project:

Hop Weave No. 3 (India Pale Ale), 6% abv. Soft, creamy, and with gentle bitterness. Aroma of raspberry leaf, flavors of white wine & tropical fruit. Dry-hopped with Enigma, Cashmere and Hallertau Blanc.

Combover (India Pale Ale), 7% abvCitrus, strawberry and spruce notes fill the palate as Vic Secret and Galaxy hops dominate in this American IPA.

Ponyhawk (Double India Pale Ale), 8 % abv.  Huge waves of grass, pine and citrus coat the palate as the Simcoe, Mosaic and Galaxy hops do their work.








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