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Beers on Tap

This tab lists the beers currently on-tap at our 18 Mill St brewpub.  We do our best to keep it updated.  Please give us a call if there’s a specific beer that you are looking for.  All beers are available to-go in 32 oz. “Crowlers” (i.e. a can growler that is purged and canned from the tap) or 64 oz. growlers unless otherwise noted.

Looking for a list of cans and bottles available from our Store & Tasting Room? Please go here.


Hanse (Keller Pils), 5% abv. Hanse is an unfiltered (“Keller”) Pilsner. Straw-gold in color, crisp and clean-finishing with assertive hop bitterness. Noble hops are present on the palate.

Dörst (Pilsner), 4.8% abv. Triple-decocted pilsner collaboration with beer journalist Horst Dornbusch. Made with Mediterranean-sourced Eraclea malts and Aramis, Triskel and Strisselspalt hops, Dörst was commissioned by our friends at Weyermann Malts (Bamberg, Germany).

Landbier (Rustic Lager), 4.3% abv.  Landbier is a lager brewed with a small amount of spelt that pays homage to the traditionally agrarian German genre of the same name.  Notes of strawberry water and hay abound with a hazelnut-like dry finish.  Landbier is exclusively available at our brewpub.

Herkules (Kölsch ), 5% abv. Herkules is a Kölsch-style ale, our interpretation of a classic from Cologne, Germany. Light, lager-like and very clean, the marriage of yeast esters and Callista hops produce a medley of subtle white wine notes that layer nicely with the beers crackery grain character.

Georg (Munich-style Dark Lager), 5.0% abv. Georg (named in honor of George A. Schilling) is a double-decocted dark Bavarian-style lager.  Rich, complex Munich malt take center stage, presenting notes of nuttiness, bread, and undertones of caramel.  Dry and sessionable, this is one of our favorite lagers.

Schilling Beer Co.-Almanac Beer Co. Collaboration: BHM (Mixed-Culture Hefeweizen), 5% abv.  BHM (Bananenhängematte) is a mixed culture “super” hefeweizen with huge notes of banana and tartness in the palate from wild yeast.  Very Limited.

Poppy’s Moonship on Raspberries (Leipziger-style Gose), 4.8% abv. Poppy’s Moonship is our interpretation of Leipzig, Germany-inspired Gose, rested on raspberries. Slightly funky in the nose and lemony-tart with a note of red fruit, Poppy’s features an assertive sourness naturally derived from our house culture, balanced by sea salt and a lingering, malty finish.

Virtue (Table Beer Dry Hopped with Palisade), 4.5% abv.  Defined by the pleasant interplay of pear-like esters and orange spice from the yeast.  Clean and very light. If you enjoy Erastus, our abbey-style tripel, you’ll love this beer.

Dry-Hopped Erastus (Abbey-style Tripel), 9% abv. Our abbey-style tripel dry-hopped with Hallertau Blanc and Citra hops. Aromatics and flavors are reminiscent of citrus and melon

Gurlimann (Berliner Weisse), 3.8% abv.  A Berliner (tart German-style wheat ale) with a side of Blackberry syrup locally foraged from the Parker Mountain community mountain bike trails.

Kamarade with Vanilla (Baltic Porter), 8% abv. Inspired by the traditions of Russia and Scandinavia. Brewed with chocolate rye, featuring a lingering malty finish.  Nitro-poured.  *In-house only; unavailable in growlers


From Resilience Brewing, Schilling Beer Co.’s American Ale Project:

Sierra Nevada-Schilling Beer Co. Collaboration: Resilience IPA (West Coast IPA), 7.0% abv. Sierra Nevada approached us in the aftermath of the devastating Butte County, CA, fires to grant temporarily use our trade name (Resilience) as part of a national fundraising effort to aid the impacted communities.  Not only did we agree, but we invited them out to Littleton to brew this classic West Coast IPA, full of dank pine and citrus notes.  Ken Grossman–a father of American craft brewing, founder of Sierra Nevada, and all-around good guy–joined us in mid-December to brew this batch with us.  Here’s to Sierra’s efforts to support their community, and to the resilience of those struggling to reclaim their lives following the devastating Camp Fire of 2018.  100% of the proceeds of this beer go to aid the communities impacted by the Butte County fires.

Side-Part (IPA), 5.0% abv. Side-Part is characterized by its sessionability and balance. Soft and full of tropical fruit notes, the mosaic hops and the cereal-like character of the malts hit it off on the first date.

Combover (India Pale Ale), 7% abv. Citrus, strawberry and spruce notes fill the palate as Vic Secret and Galaxy hops dominate in this American IPA.

Geppetto (Milk Stout), 6.3% abv. Very dark (33+ SRM) with a beige head, this milk stout is characterized by the flavors of chocolate, soft coffee roast and marshmallow–all derived from the grain bill and lactose.  Nitro-poured. *In-house only; unavailable in growlers



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